Kitchen Cabinet Corner Solutions


U-Shaped and L Shaped kitchens will have corner areas that you will need to access. I have focused on the base unit corner storage below and listed the 3 most popular solutions. The option you choose will depend on the space available and what you want to store there. Each option below is available with a variety of basket options and in a number of colours. You can click on the images to find out more information about the fitting. 

Kesseböhmer Le Mans Corner Fitting from Frank Flanagan Fittings

Le Mans Corner

The Le Mans is currently the most popular fitting I incorporate into every design with a blind corner.  You have full access to everything easily when at full extension.  You lose slightly on the shape to allow for the turns needed to get it out, but it seems to be worth the compromise for the accessibility.

Kesseböhmer Magic Corner Fitting from Frank Flanagan Fittings

Magic Corner

The Magic Corner was the first solution to come in to take over from the carousel when I first started in kitchen design. It was extremely popular for years because it gave you access to the corners. The drawback was that you still had to bend in to access the storage when at full extension, but it used the most amount of storage space available due to its shape.

Kesseböhmer Carousel Corner Fitting from Frank Flanagan Fittings


The carousel works within an L Shaped corner of 900x900mm or 1000x1000mm unit, whereas the two options above use 600mm depth, but are starting from 1100mm wide upward to fit into a straight blind corner. The circle within the L shape leaves some space inside unusable and you have to bend in to access the storage, but the L shape may suit your space better. 

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